IntelliComponents strives to create and maintain a premium organization that employs the most talented employees, keeps customers’ needs paramount, and maintains lasting relationships with suppliers.

ICI is dedicated to continuing growth and profitability, creating a nurturing work environment with opportunities for career advancement for its employees and gaining the “best in all” reputation with its clients and partners.

ICI is committed to ethical business practices, smart technology, innovative and environmentally responsible products and to providing excellence in customer service.

ICI plans to work diligently to build market share, communicate market trends, monitor product performance, ensure high quality, and encourage technological innovation.

Corporate Social Responsibility: ICI is committed to strengthening and building the communities in which we work and live. Our CSR program is centred around ethics, environment, holistic wellness, equality in diversity, and education – and expresses our desire to give back to our communities through education, develop high-quality exclusive brand products for our customers and demonstrate a high degree of ethics when working with all our partners.

In summary, ICI plans to build strong long-term partnerships with employees, customers and ICI partners for mutual benefit, growth and to give back to the community.

Code of Ethics: ICI code of ethics demand highest standards of integrity and honesty in all transactions with clients, partners and employees. We believe in the creation of wealth through honest delivery of excellent products and services to meet customer needs for mutual benefit, with fair business practices. Our core values demand that all our action be based Transparency and, Honesty. Better Relationships, Exceptional Product & Performance, Intelligent Interaction, Dedication to Work, Positive Impact, Nurture & Growth, Continued Learning, Commitment to Excellence, Fostering Creativity, Adopting Innovation, Achievement with Balance, Compassion and Investment in the Personal Happiness of every individual we interact with them.