IntelliComponents achieves sustainability through having financial stability and strength, a diverse base of international partners, a broad base of customers industries that it serves, varied business activities and responsible green environment efforts.

While ICI offers a growing selection of products that our manufacturing partners have identified as eco-friendly, this is only one part of our commitment to environmental sustainability. Our suppliers and Manufacturing partners are committed to clean, green and pollution free energy production. Our manufacturing bases are typically powered with clean energy such as wind and solar as a direct result of our commitment to renewable green energy. Waste and sewage treatment plants on our premises utilize treated water for gardening purposes.

To us, being a green distributor means actively advising our customers on how to save energy in their operations and reduce their overall environmental impact. It means conducting energy audits in critical areas such as motors, belting and gearing. It means promoting product alternatives that are bio-based, non-toxic and/or made from recycled content. And, it means being a responsible corporate citizen by implementing greener practices in our own operations.

Your choice of industrial products can significantly affect your energy consumption. Motor-driven equipment accounts for 64 percent of electricity consumed in industrial applications. With energy costs continually rising, ICI can help you identify opportunities that decrease energy usage and ultimately impact your bottom line.

ICI is committed to serve the communities where it resides and to research innovative methods to lessen environmental pollution and focus on a solid, recycling policy to ensure environmental sensitivity and responsibility.