ICI brings together dedicated, smart and experienced business strategists, engineers and management practitioners. Our talented team is multilingual and multicultural. ICI takes pride in building bridges based on the team’s experience and understanding of both, Eastern and Western business and cultural practices.

Senior staff members share a passion for international enterprise, have received advanced education from prestigious universities, have significant management experience with top-tier US and international consulting, manufacturing and distribution firms and/or Fortune 500 companies. This translates into ability to gain expertise from diverse customers and manufacturers in the industrial, commercial, utility and contractor markets across the globe and within the United States.

As a women-owned business with a staff of internationally qualified professionals, we have the resources and brain trust to service a variety of customer needs. Today, under the leadership of a woman Chairman and CEO, everything we do is driven by our highest objective — to provide exceptional value and services to our customers. As a team, we are dedicated to best practices of adding value to customers across all components of the supply and distribution chain, from sourcing customized equipment and materials to providing operational and logistical support and timely delivery. We continually look to expand our offerings.

For detailed professional bios of our management team, please click here to leave us a short online message. Alternatively, you can contact us via email to info@intellicomponentsinc.com