ICI provides unparalleled commitment to serving various industries with next generation, innovative customized products and solutions. ICI equips its customers with a combination of knowledgeable people and broad product offerings not found elsewhere. We also practice supplier “keiretsu”. It’s the Japanese word for networks of suppliers that learn, improve and prosper in sync with their parent companies. ICI ensures that there is loyal partnering for joint value and total cost reduction, joint kaizen events to reduce costs, improve quality, ensuring the financial health.

Customized Solutions: ICI is committed to providing customized and results-oriented solutions. Many years of management and distribution experience gained from world class companies, coupled with a deep understanding of India/Asian business and manufacturing markets, encourages ICI to aspire to become a leader in the Indian/Asian business consulting and distributing arena. We provide our clients with best quality customized parts, processes and industrial equipment. Our well-trained team is recognized for expertise in product category management, customer product training and service, suggested preventative maintenance, downtime reduction, and production maximization.

High Quality: ICI’s competitive edge is its level of quality, product features and options, and the company’s relationships with several major commercial companies worldwide. ICI provides experienced document, quality, and project management services to ensure that customers’ materials are delivered as required and on schedule, including coordination with multiple parties involved within a complex project.

International Presence: Through our head office in Atlanta and regional offices around the world. ICI products are designed, engineered, sold and serviced globally.

Variety: ICI sells and services engineered components, precision measuring tools and spares used in a sugar refinery, pulp & paper mill, water treatment, water supply plants, cement works and nuclear facilities can be supplied, including, milling equipment, factory equipment, customization, replacement and spare parts etc.

Best Costs & Timely Delivery: The IntelliComponents merchandizing team is staffed by a dedicated team of specialists, including buyers and exporters. Our buyers ensure that customers receive the best deal and all orders are regularly progressed to ensure timely delivery. We also arrange export packing, dispatch and insurance with comprehensive documentation for each shipment.

Dedicated Account Managers: Key account managers are assigned to those customers who regularly place large volume orders. Each manager takes special responsibility for administering the account and responding personally to the customer’s needs.

Reliability and Experience: ICI’s sales and distributor network is one of the keys to the market leadership and overall business success of its clients. Our solid experience and network provides our manufacturers with a failsafe marketplace and a major competitive advantage.

Loyalty and Ethical Transactions: We believe that business should be conducted with the highest level of ethics, integrity and loyalty. As such we take pride in the many long term relationships we have with our customers and suppliers.