IntelliComponents is committed to diversity in the workplace and recruits qualified employees who fit in with its corporate culture, goals and business philosophy. We embrace our differences as a way to inspire all of our employees to perform to their highest ability.

ICI promotes a culture of relaxed creativity and self-directed achievements for nurturing Employee development, personal growth and best results. The HR department is responsible for achieving company goals through effective recruitment, resource planning, employee training and development, compensation and benefits, employee relations and meeting OSHA and multiple State and Federal regulations. The department also provides employees with career planning, training opportunities, mentorship and a growth track for personal and professional advancement.

ICI’s work culture and employee development programs are designed to attract brilliant applicants internationally. ICI believes in performance driven by knowledge, discipline and fun! It is ICI’s firm conviction that productivity is much higher when employees are happy and motivated. ICI aims to recruit positive, driven, well educated, positive minded talent that believes in commitment to individual and company growth and aligns with the common mission.

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