IntelliComponents serves a wide range of industries to provide heavy industrial equipment, customized design solutions, precision measurement tools, spares, new technologies and high quality products. ICI supplies heavy equipment machinery for all phases of processing needs of sugar mills, refineries, water supply, water treatment, paper & pulp, cement and concrete and nuclear plants. Primary focus is placed on product engineering and manufacturing processes to ensure the highest quality, a high level of product features, and the most efficient manufacturing process possible.

Whether a client needs one item from stock or a complex package of materials from a variety of sources, ICI provides technical consultation and offers custom manufacturing, testing, and finishing services in-house at ICI manufacturer’s and through quality third-party providers. No matter what the specification, materials are clearly and properly marked upon arrival to avoid delays.

ICI provides market insight, superior product knowledge, and responsiveness — along with a rock-solid reputation. ICI’s executive leaders, global business managers, and operational teams across all divisions and departments draw on years of experience in steel production, manufacturing, and distribution. This expertise allows us to stay ahead in the marketplace, ultimately giving our clients an advantage.

Many years of collective experience designing and building equipment in virtually all parts of the world uniquely prepares IntelliComponents to meet the challenges of various industrial sectors.

In addition to designing and building milling equipment, IntelliComponents shares its process expertise through providing consulting, design, customization, installation, and engineering services through skilled partners worldwide.