Machinery manufacturing is one of the largest and most competitive sectors of the U.S. manufacturing economy. After a sharp decline in exports in 2009 and subsequent recovery, exports of capital equipment totaled $166 billion in 2015.  As of November 2016, more than one million Americans were employed directly in machinery manufacturing. Leading markets for U.S. machinery exports in 2015 included Canada, Mexico, China, South Korea, and Japan.  Germany, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Singapore round out the top 10 export markets. Among the wide range of machinery manufactured in the United States, construction machinery, engine equipment, turbines and turbine generator sets, industrial process controls, and agricultural equipment led U.S. exports in 2015.

The global machine tools market alone is expected to be worth more than $165 billion by 2017, according to Global Industry Analysts. Machine tools are used to fabricate many products and are central to manufacturing in industries such as automotive, IT and construction. Demand is showing marked growth in developing economies like India, Brazil, Thailand and Taiwan. Machinery industries provide essential and highly sophisticated technology for many other manufacturing and service industries. Industrial process controls and other automation technologies enable end-users to maximize the productivity of their equipment. Sales of many types of machinery are accompanied by a variety of high-value services as well, including specialized architecture, engineering, and logistics.


ICI provides smart automated precision measuring tools and heavy equipment machinery for sugar mills, refineries, water supply, water treatment, paper & pulp, cement and concrete and nuclear plants via sourcing, manufacturing or distribution internationally. Primary focus is placed on product engineering and manufacturing processes to ensure the highest quality, a high level of product features, and the most efficient manufacturing process possible.

ICI manufacturing units and suppliers are certified per the latest ISO requirements and meet highest industry standards. ICI supplies products to meet customer needs and goals. Engage us to deliver products specifically tailored for you. ICI specializes in providing customized solutions to its clients.


All other items, customized as per the design & drawing, given by Clients.