Today’s high-tech manufacturing supply chains are dynamic, complex ecosystems composed of multiple functions, global partners, and diverse customers and channels that operate in silos. ICI focuses on developing supply chain solutions to address dynamic, high-tech manufacturing customer needs and capitalize on business opportunities that are not possible with conventional supply chain tools and processes. An innovative culture and processes are key to not falling behind in today’s world of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Automation and Digital Business.

ICI plans to leverage integrated data, predictive analytics and prescriptive applications across the supply chain ecosystem to provide cross-functional intelligence and enable collaborative decision making for our clients and suppliers.

According to a Gartner report, supply chain’s use of digital technologies is continually evolving, and those supply chains that make conscious investments in continually developing their skills, processes and tools are most likely to sustain competitive advantage. Because supply chains are dynamic and the resources to run them are elusive, smart automation — automating decision making to increase speed and agility with reduced levels of human intervention — is the future of supply chains. We plan to invest in tools, products, talent and processes now to ready our supply chain for a human-augmented, autonomous future. ICI brings smart, innovative new products and processes to our customers to improve their productivity, reduce costs, increase bottom line performance and better KPIs