ICI services our customers from worldwide locations and go beyond traditional sourcing by offering experienced project management teams that are knowledgeable about the applications we service and our product offerings. Our staff ensures that all your commercial needs, technical requirements, and project schedules are met with precision, no matter where in the world the project is located.

ICI provides PMI certified Project Management Specialists who can manage ICI Client’s projects of varying sizes using Agile and SCRUM methodologies. ICI offices are staffed with project management professionals who combine international know-how with in-depth industry and local business knowledge; ensuring that complex projects and orders are completed successfully.

ICI keeps its Clients at the forefront with innovation in products and technologies. ICI business intelligence analyses potential growth areas, suggests business development, management strategies and improved processes to elevate bottom line performance, achieves better key performance indicators, monitors implementation and accomplishes targeted objectives. ICI assists clients in developing solutions, identifying market opportunities and industry trends. ICI provides continuing education in processes and innovative technologies to Suppliers and Clients and encourages collaborative approaches.

Project Management:

  • Budgetary and market consultation
  • Capacity and stock availability (supply lead times)
  • Technical guidance
  • Quality management (supplier audits, inspection and test plans (ITP)
  • Supply chain management (consignment and stocking options)
  • Production status reports
  • Documentation control (vendor data books (VDB))
  • Order planning, scheduling, and logistics
  • Expediting
  • Customization management
  • Third party provider management (coating, inspections, and testing)