Sourcing products and sound management forms our core. ICI has proven solutions to create the best value through product knowledge, strategic sourcing, cost containment and efficient management to reach clients goals. We simplify the supply chain so that our clients can focus on their core business.

Product Knowledge: We offer premium products and specialty materials capable of performing under challenging conditions and harsh environments; and our quality and operational management teams have detailed knowledge of each product and material. Our staff’s varied background of training and experience from engineering, to metallurgy, and project management to manufacturing makes us a diverse, in-depth resource for our customers.

Strategic Sourcing:
ICI provides the best quality at the lowest cost by leveraging our database of suppliers to meet the client’s requirement. We provide scope definition, technology assessment, regulation compliance, order fulfillment.

Material Management: ICI assist in handling logistics, Inspections and reporting for our clients.

Document Management: ICI provides material specification sheets, safety data sheets, Inspection reports, Test reports and Tax certificates as needed to our clients.