ICI helps international businesses, particularly small and mid-sized enterprises (SME’s), to successfully pursue strategic initiatives pertaining to India and the USA. We are committed to providing customized and results-oriented solutions to our clients. Many years of management experience gained from world class companies, strategic connections in private and public sectors in India and the USA, along with a deep understanding of both countries’ culture, language, capabilities and work ethos, ICI is well equipped to advise and collaborate with clients to create and implement various strategies.

We provide services to Indian companies entering the US market and to US companies entering the Indian market as we have an equally deep knowledge of and connections in India and in the USA.

Advantage India:

Since 2014, the Government of India launched an ambitious program of regulatory reform aimed at making it easier to do business in India. The program represents a great deal of effort to create a more business-friendly environment.

The efforts have yielded substantial results with India jumping 4places on the World Banks’ Doing Business rankings. Positive changes have led to this impressive improvement in India’s ranking on the EODB index.

ICI is interested in promoting technological innovation, process improvements and progress towards industry 4.0. It strongly supports the Indian Government’s initiative for Manufacturing in India in certain sectors as its research shows India leading with bolstered capability for Industry 4.0 initiatives.

In its pursuit to foster best-in- class manufacturing infrastructure in India, the new technology initiative is spearheading wider adoption of ‘Industry 4.0’, the new buzzword for the combination of industry and the current Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

Banking on India’s strength in Information Technology and a large workforce of IT professionals, the transformative journey of manufacturing through Industry 4.0 has already begun in the country. Under the Government of India’s ‘Smart Cities Mission’, the projects to build 100 smart cities across India are being touted as the forerunners of the Industry 4.0 environment. This initiative provides lucrative opportunities to US companies because of the technological capabilities and process excellence that they can bring to the table.

Additionally, the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) is building India’s first smart factory in Bengaluru with a seed funding from the Boeing Company.2 Bosch, a German auto component manufacturer will begin implementation of smart manufacturing at its 15 centers in India by 2018.3 General Electric has invested USD 200 million in the facility in its only multi-modal factory in India where digitally interlinked supply chains, distribution networks, and servicing units form part of this intelligent ecosystem.

With rapid development in the fields of information technology and hardware, the world is about to witness a fourth industrial revolution.4 The concept of ‘Industry 4.0’ is going to change the way India manufactures, designs and refurbishes the products. Driven by the power of big data, high computing capacity, artificial intelligence and analytics, Industry 4.0 aims to completely digitize the manufacturing sector. 

Manufacturing Startups today are driving innovation and widening the frontiers of the industry by opening new avenues for growth in the country. Indian entrepreneurs are going beyond app-based businesses and creating innovative products using Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Analytics. With more than 4,750 startups, India has the third-largest startup ecosystem in the world.
Providing impetus to startups in the country is significant for achieving the vision of making India a Manufacturer’s haven and budding entrepreneurs are playing a key role in taking this campaign to its next level. The next generation of Indian startups focuses on the application of modern technologies in domains such as aerospace, automobiles, logistics, hardware and food processing. US companies have significant advantages in entering the market and partnering initiatives in this space.

Their mushrooming growth, specifically in India’s tech-dominated startup space, can be largely attributed to government initiatives such as “Startup India”, a program based on an action plan to boost innovation and startups in the country, the government is offering simplification and handholding, tax incentives, funding support, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) protection benefits and a dedicated hub to provide support to startups.

ICI can help US companies venturing into the Indian market in every way.

(Source: makeinIndia.gov)

Advantage USA:

The U.S. consumer market is the most robust on the planet. In 2014, families purchased $11.5 trillion in goods and services, or more than a fourth of the entire world’s household consumption. According to the latest statistics, real (inflation adjusted) median household annual income in the United States exceeds $50,000, and more than half (56%) of Americans are considered “high income” by the global standard set by the World Bank.

The United States is a world leader in consumer goods market research, product innovation, manufacturing, and branding and marketing, and offers a highly skilled workforce. This lucrative open market is a powerful growth engine for companies of all sizes. 

Learn more about industry sector The U.S. consumer market is the most robust on the planet. In 2014, families purchased $11.5 trillion in goods and services, or more than a fourth of the entire world’s household consumption. According to the latest statistics, real (inflation adjusted) median household annual income in the United States exceeds $50,000, and more than half (56%) of Americans are considered “high income” by the global standard set by the World Bank.

The United States is a world leader in consumer goods market research, product innovation, manufacturing, and branding and marketing, and offers a highly skilled workforce. This lucrative open market is a powerful growth engine for companies of all sizes. 

The United States is renowned for innovative goods and services, high standards of quality, customer service, and sound business practices – giving U.S. exports a unique competitive edge. U.S.-based businesses are connected with 20 additional countries through free trade agreements, providing enhanced access to over 760 million consumers. And the United States does not put up barriers: according to the World Bank, no other country has more rapid export procedures. 

Many foreign investors recognize the value offered by the United States as an export platform. The U.S. affiliates of foreign companies export US$425 billion worth of goods — more than one-quarter of all U.S. goods exports.

ICI can tap interested parties into various industry sectors and assist companies to enter the US market.

(Source: selectusa.gov)

Services Detail:

ICI provides services beginning with Market Entry, Export & Distribution Strategy, Sourcing Service & Supply Chain Management; Recruitment & HR Services, all the way to Due Diligence for partnerships or M&A for companies wishing to enter either the Indian or the US markets.
Market Entry: The task of setting up the operation can be a complex matter for US companies planning to make a formal entry into India. Various factors need to be carefully evaluated. Regulation, competition, site location and talent acquisition, just to name a few, all require systematic analysis and examination. ICI team members have successfully completed numerous market entry assignments. We have added value to both the planning and the execution aspect of the of the market entry efforts by assessing opportunity and assisting with business set up. ICI will:

  • Conduct market and economic analysis to validate the decision to enter the Indian market.
  • Evaluate and select specific entry approaches (i.e. representative office vs. joint-venture vs.wholly-foreign-owned enterprise; and acquisition vs. green-field).
  • Highlight any country specific issues relating to product/service features, pricing, marketing, distribution and regulation; and we help to create UVA’s (unique value propositions) specifically for the India market or the US market as needed.
  • Assist clients in Identifying, appraising and selecting business site(s).
  • Help clients to successfully complete business application and registration process in the country.
  • Help clients to recruit key managers/staff members and build a local management team in India/US.
  • Help clients to identify and for working relationships with vetted partners in India/US.


Export & Distribution Strategy: India is rapidly becoming the world’s largest export market for many consumer and industrial products. Western brands including those owned by small businesses are growing fast in India. However, to successfully sell products to India can still be a formidable task. Regulatory, legal, language and cultural differences all pose enormous challenges to any western firms seeking to export products and services to India. For companies which have just started planning for exporting to India, the challenges may seem even more daunting.

ICI staff members, as trusted consultants, help a significant number of SME’s (small and medium sized enterprises) including start-ups to successfully export to India through: 

  • Developing a comprehensive understanding of the target market segment(s) in India & creating sales, distribution & marketing programs tailored for the India market
  • Identifying and qualifying India based distributors and structuring effective distribution partnerships
  • Creating regional and countrywide distribution networks
  • Designing and executing online (e-commerce) strategies

Sourcing Service & Supply Chain Management in India: It can be very difficult to source the right way in India. For an SME (small and medium-sized enterprise) or startup seeking to buy a relatively small quantity of products from India, it often seems to be an impossible task to identify and retain a reliable Indian manufacturer/supplier capable of consistently manufacturing and shipping products per specs and on schedule. 

ICI sourcing programs benefit many small companies who are either looking to set up new sourcing programs or to improve their existing supply arrangement in India. Whether you are a small company of industrial products seeking to work directly with an Indian OEM or you are a consumer product startup looking to mass produce your product, we can help. Our services include: 

  • Identifying qualified Indian manufacturers/OEM’s/suppliers based on the product specs & cost saving targets set by the clients.
  • Facilitate communications between the clients and Indian factories
  • Negotiate price and terms of supply agreements
  • Establish effective QC (quality control) programs
  • Set up intellectual property protection measures
  • Help to make shipping and other logistic arrangements
  • Provide on-going Indian supplier monitoring and supervision

Recruitment & HR Services: We are not a traditional recruiting firm. But by helping clients to recruit in India for more than 10 years, we have acquired a significant amount of experience and skills. For small and medium sized Western firms looking to hire key managers in India, we add value in several important areas: 

As a strategy consultancy, we have, in many market entry projects, assisted our clients to successfully fill key positions in India, including GM, country manager, VP of finance and accounting, VP of operations, VP of sales and director of purchasing.  We understand how to quickly and cost-effectively locate the candidates with the right fit.

Large multinational recruiting firms tend to repeatedly recruit from the commonly used traditional candidate pools.  The candidates found on these firms’ usual data bases tend to be Indian nationals (including returnees) with an MBA degree gained abroad or self-claimed “India hands” from the expat communities in India. These candidates often feel entitled to compensation packages identical to those offered by top Fortune 500 firms.  Nevertheless, this kind of offer is often unfeasible to smaller companies. In addition, the fees charged by the large recruiting firms (typically a percentage of the new hires’ total annual compensations) are also often beyond what smaller companies can afford.

  • There are many home-grown “headhunters” or “recruiting firms” in India.  However, many of them are still in the process of learning to understand the ways western firms conduct business.
  • Help clients to determine the specific compensation and benefits packages that would be needed to attract qualified candidates for the position(s) in India; 
  • Generate a pool of qualified candidates. We will write the clients’ job descriptions in both English and the necessary Indian language used in that local region (India has 22 official languages and an astonishing 1652 “mother tongues” , including the 150 that have sizeable populations speaking them) and then source candidates through multiple channels including our firm’s own professional network in and outside India.
  • Screen candidates for advanced interviews. We will conduct face-to-face and telephone interviews to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the identified candidates.  We will develop full assessment reports of the candidates and then select candidates for advanced rounds of interviews by our clients.
  • Provide offering stage assistance. We will draft offer letters (in both English and Indian languages); and facilitate communication/negotiation between our clients and the candidates.

Due Diligence for partnerships or M&A: A properly executed due diligence exercise can greatly boost the success rate of an M&A transaction, a joint-venture deal or even a sourcing or distribution arrangement in India. Conducting due diligence in India, however, is often challenging. The lack of reliable and accurate public records, dubious corporate book keeping practices, different accounting standards and Indian managers’ general reluctance to reveal corporate information all impede any serious investigative efforts. 

ICI due diligence services focus on the initial stage of investigation. We would often make a “do/not do” recommendation before our clients need to commit any resources to retain attorneys and/or accountants to carry out detailed due diligence work. Some of the key features of our due diligence service include:

  • Quick identification of the problem areas or pain points of the target companies, leveraging our in-depth country knowledge and extensive networks
  • Sharp focus on the integrity and quality of the management team of the target companies
  • Face-to-face interviews with the target company senior executives conducted by our India based senior consultants
  • Enhanced interview list, which may include key customers and suppliers as well as government officials and community stakeholders

Strengths & Capabilities:

Consultants at IntelliComponents are well placed business and engineering professionals who have built strong capabilities in the following areas:

Relationships & Access: Access to key people and manufacturing organizations in USA and India. Building a successful relationship with the right people and/or organizations in both destinations is often the most important factor driving the success of an international company’s venture. Our senior staff in India and USA, through decades of active involvement in various key industries, have established strong relationships with numerous business and manufacturing sector leaders.

Research & Data:
India is a country with a solid manufacturing sector, but collecting reliable market data and business intelligence can be challenging. We are well positioned to perform market research tasks speedily and effectively.

Execution: At ICI, we make clear recommendations on the specific steps that we believe our clients should take. In other words, we do not just write reports nor do we merely help clients to gain access to various Indian and US entities. Armed with, both, the consulting experience of our US based leadership team and the domain expertise of our senior staff in India, ICI is able to complete each client assignment with clear and actionable recommendations. More importantly, helping our clients to execute their strategies is at the core of our service offerings. 

Expert and Experienced Team: Our executive team has over 70 years of solid management and leadership experience between them. They are a talented bunch of people who exhibit high productivity levels as they know how to balance fun and hard work. Our code of ethics builds trust and long term reliability. ICI is committed to its Clients success.

Profound Industry Knowledge: Our team of staff has deep subject matter experience derived from many years of work in the manufacturing /OME, IT, product development, supply chain management, executive management, distribution, and business best practices for success. ICI stays ahead of business trends and our specialists are at the forefront of Industry advancement.

Specialized Matching Service in Concrete terms: Our customized matching services is dedicated to help you to find appropriate business partners and promote trade between the two countries. Our specialized matching services will provide you with:

  • Up to 3 prescreened potential Indian partners with confirmed interest within 4 weeks
  • Contact details, profiles and selection criteria for the selected companies
  • Additional, relevant market information acquired during the research process
  • Appointment Arrangement (Add-on service)

Simply fill in and submit the Business Matching Form here and ICI will do the needful. 
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