IntelliComponents addresses customer needs and all our services revolve around meeting and exceeding their expectations using our demand to value model. We meet customer demand by creating and providing value.

ICI provides our clients with Top Quality Products from Best in Line Suppliers who are a part of our large worldwide vetted Data base of Certified Suppliers with Process Efficiencies and Expert Management. The four pillars on which our services stand firm are Quality Control, Competitive Cost, Safety Regulations Compliance and Reliable Timely Delivery.

Timely Reliable Delivery: Our clients cannot have any downtime. ICI assures no downtime by providing reliability and timely delivery from its suppliers. Our innovative business and supply chain model functions with technologically savvy agility and our supplier base actively adopts efficient innovation to deliver highest quality in a timely manner.

Quality Control: ICI’s strength is sourcing and providing quality products at competitive prices while meeting customer specifications and industry standards in the global market place. We find reliable, stable manufacturers to partner with around the world and maintain long term relationships by providing resources, education and collaboration to them.

ICI uses a rigorous Supplier qualification process through regular inspections, audits, tests and analysis of processes to meet regulations in our supplier base. Our clients have gained confidence in our selection metrics and in our products.

Qualifying the Manufacturer

  • Onsite audit by independent assessors
  • Process, product and capability review
  • Ensure licensing and meeting of regulatory standards

Performance Monitoring

  • Visual inspection of product
  • Review of Material Test (MTR) Reports
  • Review of Positive Material Identification(PMI) for alloys
  • Mechanical and chemical analysis, pressure testing and x-rays

Risk Management and Problem solving

  • Rapid Reporting
  • Problem identification
  • Cause identification
  • Correction and containment
  • Prevention of recurrence

Competitive Pricing:

ICI is able to leverage its global presence and broad manufacturing base, geographical advantages and arbitration to gain the most cost effective and competitive pricing for its customers. ICI negotiates pricing and supplier terms. ICI clients can gain insight into global markets and added advantage to promote and create new product lines because of the cost efficiencies created.