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Summary of Products List

Products Materials
Precision Measuring Instruments/Networking Measurement Solutions Reused/Recycled Steel Pushouts
Customized Instruments- DAE India, Test/Experimental set up, Radiation Monitoring Systems/ Instruments, Other Customized Instruments, Indicator Units Reused/ Recycled Steel SS310
Flow-Electromagnetic Flow Meters, Ultrasonic Flow Meters, Turbine Flow Meters, Reused/ Recycled Rail Steel HMS 80:20
Panel/Field Instruments-Water Management- Digital Water Meters Reused/Recycled Steel -Cold Rolled Coil (CRC)
Level- Transmitters/Switches Reused/Recycled Steel Anchors
Pressure- Transmitters/Switches Reused/Recycled steel sheets
Temperature- Transmitters/Switches AL-6063
Analytical Instruments AL-Tabor
Islolators Titanium Ore with TiO2@63%
Indicators Titanium Ore with TIO2 @ 47%
Power Supplies Copper
Other Units-Scanners, Timers, Calibrators, Indicators Au
Heavy Industrial Equipment  
Tooth Points & Adapters  
Concrete Machinery Parts  
Heat Resisting Casting  
Machining Components  
Alloy Steel Casting  
Wear Resistant Castings  
Fixtures & Tray  
Furnace Spares  
Mill Roller Shaft  
Scraper Plates  
Trash Plates  
Trash Beam  
Crown Pinion  
CI & CS Couplings  
Chain Spares  
Mini Sugar Mill Plant  
All types of GM and CS Bearings with G.M. Liner  
Cane Carrier Inter Carrier  
Bagasse Carrier  
Variety of Gears  
Forged Steel Shaft and Shafts of various specifications  
Boiler Door Frames  
Fire and Grate Bars  
All Types of Nozzles  
Molasses and Magma Pumps  
Tractor Drawn Two Wheel & Four Wheel Trailers  
Trash plates  
Scraper plate  
Crown Pinion  
Trash beam  
Bearing Liner